I Do

Marriage is as old as Eden; still, even now,
the answer I've sought is not so readily revealed.
No woman, with all her wisdom, her inherent insight
ever truly knows what it means to be a wife.
Nor does she fully understands the needs of her,
the obligations matrimony requires.
After centuries of I Do's, the symbol of the ring
and its promises have by no means been simple
nor come easy as presumptions would assume.

While those who are married tutors us
on the manner of being respectful obedient daughters;
we have yet to engage the depths of this endeavor
we so blithely seek. We have our ways
in which to prepare us.
But no plan I follow
can teach me how to love a man
who, like me, is flawed from birth.

The need for love is effortless as morning's rise;
though in spite of this, marriages I know are not well.
Adultery, deceit has defiled them.
Then again, who but God can teach us how to love?
And I, care not to repeat the mistakes
my sisters made before me.

Note: The word sisters in the last line is in reference to Christian women.